SWFA Trade-In Program

SWFA Trade-In Program
SWFA accepts trades for just about anything of value. Click on the link below and fill out the appraisal form.

Sample List Merchandise

The Sample List is a listing of salesmen's samples, store display models, factory blemished, refurbished, trade-ins, products with damaged packaging, discontinued products and close-outs. Below are a few examples of goods that are currently on The SampleList.com web site.

Stock #ProductDescriptionPrice
SPL20682Newcon Optik 2500 Yard Laser Rangefinder DEMO-A
Click to viewManufacture Part#: LRM2500CI Variable measurem...
SPL20600Swarovski 1.7-10x42 Z6 Rifle Scope DEMO-A
Click to viewSwarovski 1.7-10x42 Z6 30mm RiflescopeNew Price...
SPL18005BSA 3-9x50 Deerhunter Rifle Scope DEMO-B
Click to viewBSA 3-9x50 DeerhunterNew Price: $58.95 Manufac...
SPL20582Leupold 8.5-25x50 Mark 4 ER/T Rifle Scope DEMO-A
Click to view SWFA New Price: $1,899.95 Manufacture Part#: ...
SPL20960Leupold 3-18x44 Mark 6 Riflescope DEMO-A
Click to viewLeupold 3-18x44 Mark 6New Price: $2,399.95 •...
SPL20979Nightforce Uni-Mount UltraLite (High - 1.125") DEMO-B
Click to viewRing Height: High (1.125") Diameter: 30mm Fin...
SPL15725Pentax 12x50 PCF WP II Binocular DEMO-B
Click to viewPentax 12x50 PCF WP II Binocular New Price: $1...
SPL20251Leupold 4.5-14x50 Mark 4 ER/T Rifle Scope DEMO-B
Click to viewSWFA New Price: $2179.95 Manufacture part#: 11...
SPL20584Leupold 8.5-25x50 Mark 4 LR/T Riflescope DEMO-A
Click to viewLeupold 8.5-25x50 Mark 4 LR/T New Price: $1,599...

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10/1/2014 10:18:27 PM

Recently switched out of the 40 S&W platform for pistol and have a good deal of ammo laying around.All prices include shippingShoot me a privat...

10/1/2014 5:56:05 PM

http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/10/making-a-homemade-metal-semi-automatic-rifle-just-got-crazy-easy/It'd be interesting to see the qualit...

10/1/2014 5:31:48 PM

Hi!I came across pair of  Carl Zeiss Asembi D.F 12,20,40x80 binoculars. Maybe somebody are interested with this item? I think it is very rare....

10/1/2014 3:16:04 PM

Anybody got one, or fooled with one? I think I like the fact that it's one of the fewer .308 semi auto "battle rifles" that you can mount a sc...

10/1/2014 2:40:24 PM

Which is better one pc. Mount or single rings? Can I get 20 MOA can't with single rings without shimming? All help very appreciated.

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